Chocofur Metal Shader for Blender 2.79

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Basic Metal shader

In its usability the Chocofur Basic Metal shader doesn't differ much from the Basic Glossy Shader. We've kept it plain and simple for day to day work, enabling uses to add extra node groups for additional effects and realism.

Advanced Metal shader

For creating more advanced metallic shaders we're using the Chocofur Color Correct node group. It can be used a bit differently to what we've shown in Advanced Glossy. For instance, Refl_Strength output can be linked to either Main_Visibility or Main Glossiness slots. It all depends on the effect you'd like to achieve.

It may happen as in the example above, that single texture maps used for creating all effects (Reflection, Glossiness, Bump) may not work by default. It is important to try different "Look" settings available in the Color Correction node. They're linked with separated color channels that may sometimes look completely different in terms of brightness, contrast and visible detail.

Please remember you can download all Chocofur shaders using the above groups here: Chapters

Chocofur Materials