Chocofur Blender Tutorials

Blender Quick Tips

Here you will find many short yet interesting Blender tutorials from Chocofur! Find out how to render 360 Panoramas, set up HDR images, create Volumetrics effect or create wrinkles on your 3D models!

Materials in Blender

A three-part, in-depth study that will help you to understand the material creation process in Blender. Learn how to build your own materials from scratch to always achieve the look you want!

Chocofur Materials

Learn how we've created the entire Chocofur materials library. This in-depth series will guide you through the various Blender material node settings. From basic to advanced, you will learn how to create any Cycles shader you need!

Corona Renderer for Blender

Being encouraged by both the amazing artwork gallery as well as the Blender plugin available for the Corona Renderer version I've decided to give it a try. It was supposed to be just a quick test of how the rendering engine handles basic interior lighting situations. Eventually, I ended up spending the entire weekend playing around...

House Breukelen in Blender

In this tutorial, we'll be modeling our scene based on the photography found on the Internet. We'll go step by step from the main 3D scene elements to all the details such as furniture or kitchen appliances.

Studio Rendering in Blender

Hello! This is the first and opening tutorial on and I really hope you'll like it. Since I've received many e-mails and requests from other Blender users, the topic I'd like to cover is creating packshot renderings...