Chocofur Blender Courses

The Art of Rendering Masterclass Chapters

How to make better renderings? Does it take a special talent or superpower? This Masterclass will help you to shorten the process of becoming an artistically minded creator. What took me several years to understand you can now learn in a few months or even weeks of practice.

Interior Visualization Secrets in Blender

Whether you are a seasoned 3D artist or a complete beginner, knowing how to create interior visualization may be one of the most valuable skills you'll ever learn as a creative person! Join me and the others in this beautiful journey!

Blender 2.80 Beginners Course (Free)

Welcome to my completely free Blender 2.8 Beginners Course! Here you will find four chapters that will guide you through different aspects of learning 3D CGI. I really hope you'll like this course and become a new member of the Blender user's family!