Chocofur Fabric Shader for Blender 2.79

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Basic Fabric shader

Our Basic Fabric Shader was created mostly with furniture models in mind. You can use it for quick material creation on sofas, beds, chairs etc. Keep in mind this shader is not suitable for creating leather materials. You should use Chocofur Glossy shaders for that.

Advanced Fabric shader

In a difference to our Basic Fabric shader, we aren't using any Velvet nodes here. To simulate the fabric look we're mixing two Diffuse shaders in a certain way, making one of them a bit brighter on the edge surfaces. It is also possible to change the material's light absorption parameters making it even more realistic.

Our Advanced Fabric shader was created mostly with single faced geometry in mind but you can still use it for shading the "solid" furniture elements. Just keep the Translucency color input 100% black. An important note - in real life some curtains or fabric sheets look translucent and transparent at the same time. That's because some fabrics are designed purposefully to transmit more light. In order to simulate that with our shader you may need to use Chocofur_Opacity_Node and mix the main fabric input with highly contrasted texture of tiny fabric threads.

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